Why you should consider user experience in web design

Why you should consider user experience in web design

Recently, web design has made the transition from content-heavy sites to clean, simple, user-friendly visual experiences. Why the progression? Well, consumers now have more choices than ever before, and are buying from sites that are easy to navigate and buy from.

A recent study by McKinsey Research showed that over 70% of purchasing experiences are directly related to how the customer feels they are being treated whilst visiting a website. This is why it’s important to consider both mobile and desktop user experience, as well as what the customer wants, in all elements of your website.

The key to good design regarding user experience is to keep things simple – as long as your customer knows what you are selling, and how to get in touch with you. Here are three things to consider in your design:

  • Include calls to action such as links to social media, a newsletter sign up, and ‘get in touch’, on every page of your website.
  • Update social media platforms: It’s no good directing customers to your Twitter and Facebook page if you’re not updating on a regular basis – they’ll probably wonder if your company is still in business! Social media can be the ideal platform to keep your customers engaged (and get new customers), with new information, tips and special offers – so use it well.
  • Loose the ‘Contact Us’ page: Most customers want instant answers, so instead of the usual contact form, provide instant chat messaging as well as an email address and telephone number.

Why mobile web design is so important

Did you know websites that aren’t mobile friendly appear lower down in search engine results than websites that are? This could mean that you may be missing out on more customers, after all, mobile Internet usage is now the most used digital platform.

More importantly, a mobile-friendly website is all about user experience, and, if your target audience is aged between 18–24, the chances are they’ll be viewing your website on a mobile device. So, if you are keen to review your website, make sure you consider your customers’ user experience as well as other aspects of the design.

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