Why is responsive web design the best solution for my website?

Why is responsive web design the best solution for my website

Latest Internet usage figures show a significant increase in mobile users, indicating that a mobile-friendly responsive website design is more important than ever before. Not convinced? Read on and we’ll persuade you to switch to a responsive design with these six simple reasons:

Google says you should
Google – the search engine that brings more traffic to websites than any other source – now estimates that more than half of all searches are on mobile devices. Google recommends using responsive design. It’s a no-brainer.

Superior user experience on any platform
Did you know that over half of online consumers use multiple devices to buy online? The biggest issue with a non-responsive design is that if your mobile site doesn’t match the design and feel of your desktop site, potential customers can get confused, meaning you lose the sale. However, a responsive design will give users consistency, no matter what device they may be using.

You’re in control
Responsive web design automatically responds to any device in order to provide an ideal user experience. Other methods of mobile optimisation, however, are only optimised for a specific device, which means a lot of guesswork on your part regarding screen sizes. Responsive design gives you greater control over what your customers see on your website – whether they are viewing via a smartphone, laptop or tablet, the design will be always be the same.

One size fits all
A traditional desktop website requires a separate mobile website to be designed, and is therefore twice the cost and takes double the time to design. Although the design of a responsive website is more complex than the design of a traditional desktop website, only one website will need to created, saving you time and money. One design = all platforms.

It’s SEO friendly
A separate mobile and desktop website requires SEO optimisation for both websites, creating double the work for you and your marketing team. In direct comparison, a responsive website is easier to optimise as you will only need to manage and optimize one domain and one version of each page.

It’s here to stay
As technology changes, mobile websites will quickly become obsolete. However, good responsive web design will keep up with the changes and meet the requirements of all devices, browsers and screen sizes.

Are you convinced yet?
Many people think that because Amazon or ebay don’t use responsive design then they shouldn’t need to use it either. After all, Amazon makes plenty of money from their website, doesn’t it? Of course, while this is true, these large corporations have millions to spend on their websites and marketing campaigns, and already have millions of loyal customers, unlike most of us. If you want to grow your business and reach as many customers as possible, you will need the best web solutions available – and that is, undeniably, responsive web design!

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