Is your website on life support

Is your website on life support?

Is your website on life support

Overlooking the long term survival of a website is fatal, but incredibly common.

It’s true that designing, building and writing a new website can seem a daunting prospect, which is perhaps why people forget to ask the most important questions, such as:

  • Will I be able to update the copy and add new content myself? (ie without incurring regular fees and waiting for a slot in someone else’s schedule).
  • If I can update it, which bits can I change? You may have access to the news blog, but what about the home page or about us?
  • How much will it cost to add new sections, video, social media etc? The last thing you want it to be hit with big bills long after the initial and well negotiated build stage is over.
  • Can any other web designer operate this programme? If no-one else understands the system your developer has chosen, you’re basically locked in for the life of the site.

WordPress overcomes all of these potential pitfalls. It’s an open source product, which basically means that it’s free online and is constantly being updated and improved by a community of IT nerds who do it for fun – yes really!

Not only do you save money and know that your website is built in the most cutting-edge and effective software available, but it also means there are many developers out there who can pick up your site if the relationship with your original website developer fails.

What’s more, because it’s not been created to make money, but instead to be the most user-friendly and SEO-effective website platform out there, WordPress is simple to use – both for the owner and the visitor. The built-in content management system can be easily navigated, and you can change pretty much any part of the site, including the images. There are even a range of videos on YouTube to help you if you get stuck.

Another benefit of a WordPress website is that it will evolve. It’s a bit like digital stickle-bricks, with free bolt-ons constantly being published to ensure your website remains SEO friendly and can accommodate new technology as it becomes widespread.

For example you can already upload videos, view WordPress websites on smart phones and tablets (unlike many types of website so beware!) and you can view it in most browsers). But if a new form of social media takes off, you can be sure there will be a WordPress widget to suit in a very short time (another benefit of WordPress nerds).

So remember, while at first all your attention and energy is focused on getting the site looking great and working well, take time to consider the long term. Websites are organic, constantly evolving marketing tools which require maintenance – who is going to do it and how much will it cost?

If you have any questions I’ll be happy to help, just email …..

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