Why you should include video on your website

Why you should include video on your website

Web video is pretty much essential for getting your message across, whether you’re a travel agency wanting to lure people in with images of exotic places and sandy beaches, or you’re offering a product that everyone needs but is difficult to explain (in less than a thousand words!) such as SEO. A web video could do the trick and get your message across fast and in a friendly way, and will drive more traffic to your website – search engines absolutely love video content.

Show them who’s the best!

Video can offer your business the opportunity to show why your product is better, more useful, and better value for money than your competitors. For example, if you’re in the business of selling floor tiles (one of the most difficult products to market, by the way) video could be a life saver; you could create a before and after video (everyone always loves a makeover) and use video to convey styling tips so that customers can see how your products could be used. Plus, of course, video could give your business the edge over competitors that are still stuck in the Stone Age.

In addition, practical video, such as how-to video guides, will help your customers understand the task that lies ahead and answer any questions they may have. Including video of your team will show a more personal side of your business and could encourage brand loyalty and trust.

Make life easy for your customers

Web video really works because most users can’t be bothered to read through a whole bunch of text, and if they can get the same information from a video (and in a more entertaining way), then that’s the route they’ll choose.

Make video work for your business

Video can be embedded into your website, which means that besides viewings from visitors directly to your website, you could also include links to the video in newsletters that you send out to your customer database. This should drive lots of traffic to your website, and could result in additional business to boot. You could also create a YouTube channel for your videos and optimise it for specific keywords so that your videos show up in search results.

Of course, video can be instantly uploaded to social media sites, such as Facebook, for massive potential reach, and don’t forget to include a link back to your website for maximum impact.

Web video is surprisingly affordable and will help to generate more interest in your business. Everyone needs more customers, right?

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