Why blogging is good for business

Why blogging is good for business

Does the current trend of social media marketing mean blogging is dead? Far from it; creating and regularly updating a blog on your website is crucial to your online marketing game plan. So why is blogging so important? We’ll tell you why in just 4 simple steps:

Blogging drives more traffic to your website

A blog on your website should be the centre of your social media marketing plan. If you are marketing your business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media platform (and you certainly should be!), make sure you also post links to your website – this will give you the perfect opportunity to steer potential customers directly to your website.

In addition, it’s a good idea to post inbound links in your blog articles in order to send traffic to particular landing pages that you are keen to promote.

Blogging is good for increasing your SEO/SERP

Simply put, blogging increases your SEO. In order to reach the top of the search engine results, the key is always to create new, well-written content in your blog. Keywords and topics will play a big part in landing you more web traffic, as Google (and other search engines) find your site through these words and topics.

To drive more traffic your way, compile a list of the keywords, topics, and categories that are most relevant to your business, and use these words within your blog to increase rankings.

Blogging is a great way to build your brand

Use well-written and informative content to position your company as an industry leader. Post relevant topics which show that you are an expert in your field, and the likelihood is that your customers will trust you to supply them with what they need. Of course, your customers will also benefit from the information you provide, which will ensure that they visit your site on a regular basis.

Blogging is good for customer relations

Creating a blog on your website will allow your customers to connect with you – they will be able to get to know your business or products, and will benefit from regular updates with new, engaging information. You can use this trust to build up a relationship with your customers; a blog will allow you to respond to your customers questions and comments, however, unlike short-lived social media responses, your comments will last much longer on your website with the advantage that other potential customers will be able to see your comments as well.

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