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Why Responsive WordPress Website Design is so important

Have you ever looked at a website on your smart phone or tablet only to find that it’s practically unusable? You have to pinch and expand the screen in order to read the text (and most of the time it’s still too small), you have to scroll – endlessly – to find what you need, you click on a picture for a better view only to find that you can’t close it again because the ‘x’ close button has fallen off the screen…. sound familiar?

Websites like these probably look FANTASTIC on a desk top computer screen, but somehow, when seen on an iPhone, they become infuriating to view and navigate. The result? You close the website, forget it ever existed within a few seconds (unless it irritated you so much that you’re now annoyed with the company it belongs to), and you move on to a competitor website that’s …. ahhhh… easy to use.

What’s the difference between the websites you close and the websites you buy from?

Responsive WordPress website design

A responsive website (that is, one that’s built using responsive design techniques) will dynamically adjust to the device that it’s being viewed on. In other words the layout of the website and how it looks will automatically change from device to device in order to give the user (or potential customer, as they should be thought of) the best possible viewing experience. It’s designed to convert viewers into customers, whether they are looking at your website on an iPhone, Kindle Fire, Thunderbolt, iPad, Samsung Note, etc.

“That’s really good,” I hear you say “But do I really need a responsive website?”

The short and simple answer is YES.

Why? Because studies show that around half of people surf the web on their smart phones and tablets. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2014 most traffic on the internet will come from mobile devices. Responsive design isn’t a design trend – it’s about whether or not your existing and potential customers can read and navigate your website easily. And what does a user-friendly website achieve? Improved conversion rates, more page loads per visit and increased time spent on your site.

Put simply: if your website isn’t responsive, neither is your business. You will simply fail to reach a massive number of potential customers.

Now, what’s the good news?

It’s EASY to respond to responsive design!

Whether you want to make your existing website responsive or go for a whole new look, having a responsive website is easy – at Ultimate Website Design, we’re experienced in both. The better news is that it’s likely to be far more affordable than you think. So if you want to respond to your growing number of mobile-surfing customers, contact WordPress website design today!